About Me

I live in Decatur, Georgia – the only town I could think of dwelling in unless my dreams of moving abroad and opening an expat bar one day come true – with the love of my life and my dog Cosmo (or ‘Smo, as he’s known around here).

I love to write, cook, take pictures, sew, and spend time with my friends, who are among the most wonderful people in the world.

Other than that, I can only tell you…

  1. I fall down. A lot. Some of you have seen this. It honestly doesn’t matter if I’m drunk or sober, wearing high heels or walking barefoot. I try to act like a poised person who has her act together, but it’s really hard to do when I’m falling on my ass all the time.
  2. I have this slightly OCD thing where if I scuff the bottom of one foot on the ground, I have to scuff the bottom of the other foot too. But if I scuff the second foot harder than the first, than I have to scuff the first foot again, etc. Like I said – just slightly OCD.
  3. I name almost everything. I also assign personalities and genders to everyday objects. My old car was an Infiniti that was kinda falling apart and had no muffler, so she was dubbed Yoko, after another grumbly Japanese woman. She used to do cool things like roll her windows down all by herself. I miss Yoko.
  4. I love speaking in public. I never thought this was weird until I got into theater and speech classes and found out that the average person lists public speaking as their worst fear. This means the average person is more afraid of speaking in public than of death. I cannot comprehend this. Perhaps I’m a show-off, but I love being in front of people. Ask me to do a math problem, however, and you’ll soon find me cowering under my desk.
  5. When I’m nervous about something I have to do the next day, I dream all night that I’ve already accomplished it. Then I’ll wake up, realize I’ve been dreaming, then actually go do it. Then I’ll wake up from that dream, realize I’ve been dreaming, then acually go do it … one painstakingly neverending loop. It’s like Groundhog Day, only Bill Murray’s not there to make me laugh.
  6. I have an endless capacity of useless entertainment knowledge. I mean really useless stuff, like what astrological signs movie stars were born under. I don’t try to keep up with this stuff, I just hear it once and it doesn’t leave my brain. And I’m a master at the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game. I’m like the Rain Man of imdb.

You can also check out this post for a slightly more serious answer.


One response to “About Me

  1. I discovered your blog a few posts ago. I’m not sure how as blogging seems to be its own little world with everything connecting to each other. I’m only now taking my first hesitant steps in it.

    Strictly For Pleasure, also, is well written and I love your color scheme. (I haven’t figured out how ‘design’ works yet.)

    It hasn’t been the greatest week so thanks for making me chuckle twice today. It would be wonderful if more people could find pleasure in the smallest bits of life.

    Rachel, This Provencal Life

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