Typing out of boredom. Jeezy Creezy I’m bored. Help. Typing out of boredom. Appreciating the calm but my own thoughts are boring me right now.  Hey, the Shins are playing. That song from Garden State. Liked that movie. Should watch it again. The 24 year old me really appreciated it. Wonder if the 30 year old me would find it whiny. I love Pandora. All my channels end up sounding a like though. I need to stop hitting those thumbs up and thumbs down options. Apparently everything I like sounds the same. I can start out with a Decemberists station and a Cake Bake Betty station, and they’ll end up being identical after a while. I’m predictable. I’m hungry. No, I’m not hungry, I just want something sweet. Gonna try to fake myself out with Crystal Light. I swear, boredom is hell on the waistline. But then so is stress. I’m just an eater, no matter what the mood. But sitting all day doesn’t help. It sucks, actually. I miss the activity of working retail sometimes. Don’t miss the money. Or the inane questions coming from customers. “Excuse me, where’s your non-fiction section?” You see that wall that says fiction? Non-fiction is EVERYWHERE ELSE. “I’m looking for this book but I don’t know the name. Or the author. But it was about X and had a purple cover.” Really? I guess I get inane questions from people now too, they were just more comical when I was working at a book store. Or maybe they were more comical because I was younger. I’ve become a cynic. A cynic who works in corporate America, who sits at a desk for 9 hours a day, five days a week. No wonder my back hurts. And yet when I get home I’m exhausted. How is that even possible? Sounds stupid to say I’m exhausted at the end of the day when a minute before I was complaining about being bored. I’m not always bored. I’m not usually bored. Usually I’m running ragged (at my desk, ha) from stress. I like the boredom. I do. It’s a nice reprieve. Something I’ve been begging for lately. Ugh. I need to cover up my clock so I stop looking at it. The more I look at it the slower it gets. This is why I shouldn’t wear watches. Aside from the fact that I just hate watches. They’re too sporty. Kind of ugly. Very no-nonsense. I used to try to just buy watch faces and string them with ribbon and tie them around my wrist. That was cute. Sort of whimsical. But they’d never stay tied. That was annoying. Bet I could find a better type of ribbon though. I should try that. I should go to Hancock and shop for crafty stuff. I need to sew more often. I have a sewing machine that’s collecting dust and projects I want to try yet nothing. I want to make something pretty. I always have idea but no follow-through. Like the crocheting thing. I bought a book and yarn and needles and tried at it for a couple of hours and got a blister (what a badass, I know) then got frustrated and put it away. Like, a year ago. I have no attention span. God I’m bored.


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  1. Kelly

    Oh my gosh Jen this is hilarious… it’s like if you opened up the top of my head, like a trunk, things like this would come spewing out 24/7 …and we wonder why we can’t complete things 😀

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