Girl Anachronism

Have found a new musical obsession. (It’s about time.)

I stumbled upon an article on Jezebel a couple of months ago that discussed Amanda Palmer’s controversial appearance at the Golden Globes, specifically citing her wardrobe and grooming choices.

I found the article fascinating and subsequently hopped over to the artist’s blog and her own recollection of the event, which was told in a very refreshing and humorous voice.

I’d never heard of her, or the Dresden Dolls (sadly I’m often a little late to the party when it comes to music I end up REALLY liking) but now, I’m completely hooked.

After reading more, Palmer became more and more fascinating. Engaged to Neil Gaiman (a hero around these parts). Part of a performance art cabaret duo (the aforementioned Dresden Dolls). Put out a solo album (Who Killed Amanda Palmer) produced by Ben Folds and a correlating photography book (a collaboration with Gaiman). About to release Evelyn Evelyn — a new, slightly controversial, concept album based on a collaboration with a set of 24-year-old conjoined twins who grew up playing the ukulele in the circus.

She’s a fantastic writer and musician, and very entertaining to watch. Her videos are pretty amazing as well.

I ran across this one the other day, apparently a song she whipped up on a cab ride home while on tour in Melbourne, Austrialia and played live the next day. This song has been stuck in my head for days.

How adorable is that? It’s apparently jump started a #vegemite vs. #marmite war on Twitter between Palmer, Gaiman, and what seems to be all of Australia.

I love finding new music. This woman is freaking fantastic.



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2 responses to “Girl Anachronism

  1. I got to see the Dresden Dolls perform in Prague – but sadly, haven’t listened to them in awhile. I didn’t know she was engaged to Neil Gaiman, though! That makes her all the cooler. Or makes HIM all the cooler? Hmm…

  2. Jenny

    Agreed. Maybe they just complement each other.

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