Why I Love Decatur, Part Trois

Originally posted May 17, 2009

I’m so in love with this town right now.

So have I mentioned how much I dig this pedestrian thing? I’ve (quite purposefully) moved within walking distance to my place of employment, which happens to reside on the downtown Decatur square. This means that I’ve also moved within a short walk of just about EVERYTHING ELSE I NEED, which thrills me to no end. Included in this list are:

– My grocery store

– My bank

– My doctor

– My pharmacy

– The post office

– TWO Marta stations

– Tons of restaurants, pubs, and local shops (which are hardly things I NEED, but are perks nonetheless)

This is yet another thing I adore about Decatur. It’s next door to Atlanta, and everything a metropolitan city has to offer, but is this wonderfully self-contained community with a decidedly small-town feel. One feels tempted to not leave at all.

The walk from my apartment in the mornings is lovely. Our street is gorgeous and well taken care of, and EVERYTHING is in bloom right now. So in addition to the benefits of a bit more exercise during the day, I get to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

I’ve always made it a point to live very close to where I work. (I don’t do traffic. Others bitch about it, I just do everything I can to keep it out of my life.) Because of this, the short commutes by car often made it feel like I was rolling straight out of bed and into my office chair. Not that this is the worst complaint to have about a commute, but sometimes I didn’t even remember getting to the office. Now that I’m walking in the mornings, I have a chance to get my blood flowing, take in my surroundings, and get myself into a decent state of mind before I begin the workday.

And the smell of honeysuckle and gardenias in the morning? Almost as good as a cup of coffee.


The one dilemma all of this brings up? Footwear. I don’t do sneakers. The boy has never understood it. It’s just … no.

In the summer, I can walk to work in flip-flops and change into “real” shoes when I get there, but I haven’t figured this out for the rest of the year yet. So I now consider myself on a quest for the Holy Grail of fashion. Comfortable shoes that don’t look like, well, Grandma’s orthopedics.

An appeal to the online universe: Surely these must exist? Does anyone have any tips on pretty, wearable (not to be confused with pretty wearable) footwear? There are cities elsewhere that are known to be fashionable and pedestrian friendly, no? Tell me this isn’t an urban shoe myth …


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