Sorry. Can’t be Bothered.

Originally posted March 24, 2009

A coworker and I were discussing modern products that cross the line of convenience over to “are you KIDDING me with this?” Like the type of novelty gift you would find in a Lillian Vernon catalog — the perfect answer to a problem you never knew you had. This conversation got me thinking of the type of blatant laziness that just drives me up the wall. Take for instance:

  • Wide-mouthed squeeze bottles of swirled peanut butter and jelly. Really? Are we really lazy enough as a society that someone was able to make money off of this?
  • Self-foaming hand wash. I know rubbing your hands together is a chore. Really, I do. But isn’t that extra effort part of what, you know, CLEANS your hands?
  • People who grab a shopping CART no matter what amount of groceries they’re going to be purchasing. This is directed at YOU, DeKalb Farmer’s Market shoppers. As if the aisles aren’t crowded enough, do you really need to bowl over entire families with your monstrous cart just to grab your baguette and three pieces of fruit? Is the thought of carrying a basket that unbearable? You must LEAN against something that rolls as you walk?
  • People who compete for front row parking at the gym. The GYM. Just sayin’.

I can’t say I’m immune to taking advantage of modern conveniences. Yes, I use elevators and escalators if they’re available, when the stairs would do just fine. And when I’m making stir fry, I’m the first to reach for that bag of pre-washed, pre-chopped broccoli florets at the store.

But peanut butter and jelly IN ONE BOTTLE? Really? We need to go there? That’s not just lazy. It’s kind of …gross.


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