Lo-fi Girl

Originally posted June 28, 2009

So I said a WHILE ago that I would be posting “soon” about my new discoveries in the worlds of cocktails and photography (ooh! a new blog name, perhaps?). The martinis might have to wait for another day, but the photography’s been on my mind as of late.

We have a couple of friends who turned us on to Through the Viewfinder photography, a process by which you take a digital (I know, I know, how the mighty have fallen) photo through the viewfinder of an older — usually non-working — camera. This adds in all the old dust, scratches, and whatnots from the lens of the older camera (in this case, an Argus Seventy-five) into the new digital image, giving it a very aged feel. It adds character into an otherwise too-clean (in my opinion) photo.

I was telling my dad — a life-long graphics guru — about this on Father’s Day, and he said that the way I was talking about the character of these pseudo-vintage photographs reminded him of all of his friends who complained about music sounding too crisp and clear when that industry started making its way toward digital, rather than analog, technology.

And I have to agree. Something about the soul of certain songs is stripped away when you listen to an MP3 of it after hearing it on vinyl. I guess that’s how I feel about these images. The flaws add character. (Kind of like with people.)

So I told him I guess I’m just a lo-fi girl at heart. He got a big kick out of that.

He also got a kick out of the name of this blog, which if I remember correctly, he described as “… um… adventurous?”


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