Just Dandy

It’s been quiet around these parts (the blog), ’cause it’s been hectic around these parts (life in general). Things are a little crazy, so I haven’t really gotten around to posting in a bit. But I did find something I wanted to share.

Ever had one of those days where you just wanted to get up in the middle of the workday, walk outside (nice weather permitting), kick off your shoes, and lay in the grass? Just boycott adulthood for a bit? (Personally, I made the statement the other day that I was going to pack up my things and move to the beach to start selling hemp jewelry by the sea. Yeah, I talk big.)

Well, next time you do, click here to  enjoy a bit of whimsical escapism, if only for a moment. Sure, being on a computer screen makes it a bit more sterile than the real thing. But sometimes we’ve got to take what we can get.


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One response to “Just Dandy

  1. John

    It helps! I love you, baby, hang in there!

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