No, not those sort of ‘shrooms, silly. I just like to throw in random words every once in a while to see how they influence Google searches. The variety of ways people search for things using the word pleasure is quite amusing.

No, today I’m talking about the tame, grocery-store bound type of ‘shrooms, specifically those used on THE BEST DAMN MUSHROOM PIZZA YOU’VE EVER PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. Swear to god. And this in spite of having enjoyed Little Azio’s wild mushroom and truffle pizza. On many occasions.

We began experimenting with making pizzas at home after sampling some of my brother-in-law’s (Hi, Yippie!) exotic creations. (Cauliflower and tandoori salmon, anyone?) The only thing I’d say we have left to improve upon our fabulous ‘shroom pizza is that we haven’t yet mastered the homemade crust. The DeKalb Farmer’s market has a pre-prepared whole-wheat crust that we use, and we adore it. But I’m sure making one from scratch would be even better.

We also haven’t technically landed on an exact recipe yet – we’re always throwing in different varieties of herbs, cheeses, and ‘shrooms – but this is the latest, and in my humble opinion best, incarnation yet. I also don’t measure anything – as you can probably tell by the below “recipe.”

Avoid the temptation to add too many toppings here – it’s perfect as it is.


  • 1 Whole-wheat crust, lightly brushed with extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 layer of cheese – a combination of mozzarella, (or something just as melty) asiago (or something just as rich and nutty). and peccorino (or something just as sharp and salty – my new favorite being kefalotiri) work great
  • 1 layer of mushrooms – a combination of shittake, oyster, and portabellos or crimini are my favorites
  • One large, finely minced garlic clove, sprinkled on top
  • Any combination, or all, of the following spices: salt (sparingly, based on what cheeses you use), pepper, oregano, basil, onion powder, red pepper flakes, and parsley

Stick in a 400 degree oven till cheese is bubbly and golden brown.

You’ll thank me later, I promise.

(Artwork courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)



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2 responses to “‘Shrooms!

  1. It’s a very shroomey day. I bought some mushrooms at the grocery store, and I spent the morning researching how they contain vitamin B(something)

    My wife it out of town… and the children are, it’s a time for experimentation, I might just put together this mushroom pizza, it sounds above average.

  2. I’m doing a juice fast, distracting myself from thoughts of food by innocently prowling the internet and I come across THIS. God that sounds good.

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