I feel boring. And horribly predictable.

I did laugh my ass off, though. At one of my new favorite blogs.

Some favorites:

#99 – I’ve found myself unable to turn off my editor brain after I get back from work, lately. It’s an impulse and a guilty pleasure.

#78 – I too am guilty of daydreaming of little French speaking children bustling about the kitchen and helping me cook while we read the New York Times and listen to Jazz.

#75 – I too have made this threat in the past few months.

#69 – I can’t help it. He’s just … cool.

#44 – The intro music for All Things Considered gives me the warm fuzzies.

#38 – I shouldn’t even have to comment on this one.

#10 – I have the Rushmore soundtrack.

#5 – Probably bring it up twice a day or so.

#1 AND 2 – Need I say more?


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One response to “I feel boring. And horribly predictable.

  1. Wow, I’m really white. I’ve definitely threatened to move to Canada and I want multilingual kids.

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