Shiny, Happy Music

A few years ago I made a mixed CD of songs that made me happy. Not just an “Aww, this reminds me of (fill in the blank)” sort of happy. That uncontrollable, tap-your-foot-and-bounce-around-like-a-Muppet sort of happy. The type of songs that physically take control of me, and yank me out of my worst mood in spite of myself.

In reorganizing my iTunes this weekend (I have WAY more music than anyone could ever need), I ran across this list. I thought I’d share a few, in no particular order. Feel free to weigh in if you have any that you would add. Happy be-bopping!

Shiny, Happy People – R.E.M.
Whip It – Devo
Under Pressure – David Bowie & Queen
Upside Down and Bubbletoes – Jack Johnson
Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root
I’ve Got My Mind Set On You – George Harrison
I’m the One Who Wants to Be With You – Mr. Big
Nowhere Else – Seventy Sevens
Where It’s At – Beck
Just Like Heaven – The Cure
You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate
Son of a Preacher Man – Etta James
My Sharona – the Knack

(Artwork courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)



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6 responses to “Shiny, Happy Music

  1. Leigh

    this makes me giggle.

  2. Jenny

    That’s the point. 🙂

  3. Matt

    Did you know Shiney Happy People was inspired by a Chinese Communist Propaganda poster? That fact takes that song from happy happy to happy cool.

  4. John

    ‘My Sharona’ is a rockin’ song. There’s a famous scene from Reservoir Dogs — which Jenny still hasn’t seen, so don’t spoil it — where Tarantino was trying to get the license for that song.

    Instead he got ‘Stuck in the Middle With You.’

  5. Jenny

    Ooh, good one! I’m adding that.

  6. This makes me want to just bounce around. I have to confess that La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin has a similar happy effect but instead of bouncing I just shimmy (thank you belly dancing class).

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