I’ve often told the boy that if I were ever to leave him for another man, it would be Burt.

As in Burt’s Bees. The only other man who puts me in a kissing mood.

I’m addicted. Absolutely addicted. Not only is the lip balm wonderful (feels all tingly and not overly waxy, and it smells and tastes just slightly minty), but I’m beginning to experiment with the other products the company offers, and they are equally as fantastic.

Everything is completely natural, and whether or not you think those other products on the market containing mineral oil/petroleum jelly/what have you will one day prove detrimental to your health, it’s always good to be the safe side, right?

I fell pretty hard for Burt a few years back. And the more I learn about their company and their green initiatives, the harder I fall. For example:

“Burt’s Bees maintains its founders’ green philosophies. Employees’ bonuses are based in part on how well the company meets energy conservation goals, and there are prime parking spaces for staff members
who drive hybrid cars or carpool. It buys offsets for 100 percent of its carbon emissions and is working toward a goal of sending no trash to landfills by 2020.”

The above was taken from a New York Times article called “Can Burts Bees Turn Clorox Green?”a very intriguing, well-written article about the history of the environmentally-friendly company and its recent sale to Clorox. Go read, and decide for yourself what the answer to the title’s question is.

There’s also a cute little picture of Burt at the top. He seems to have been somewhat shafted in the various money-making moves of the company. But I’m still a Burt convert. Turkey coop or no.


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  1. Matt

    I know this is dumb, but I would give the prime parking to the polluters. Less driving distance, as long as the parking lot entrance is closer to the front spaces. 😉

    Sorry. Engineer school thinking.

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