I’ve fallen in love with another movie. It doesn’t take much, admittedly. The boy and I started off the new year by waking up and ordering a film On Demand (God love Comcast). The film is Once, a rough-cut indie film about a struggling musician and an imigrant thrown together in Dublin over the course of a week.

I loved the film for its romanticism, but not in typical Hollywood ending fashion. It’s not a hearts and roses sort of romance, but a real, tangible one of pining over lost love and those people who make their way into your life and leave their mark on you forever.

It’s a musical, but again, not in that Hollywood cheesey-musical-intro-then-break-into-song way. The music is woven into the story in an incredibly beautiful, vulnerable, organic way. And I recommend you check out the soundtrack. Throughout the movie I was certain that Damien Rice had written every note. I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that instead the male lead heads a popular Irish rock band (the Frames) and there is a good amount of his music circulating on iTunes and Myspace.

Check it out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, but if you are then I apologize. Because it really got to me. I have a feeling the beautiful voices of Guy and Girl will be pleasantly bouncing around my head for some time.



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3 responses to “Once

  1. i matter damnit

    told you you would love it

  2. Leigh

    this movie made me hold my boyfriend’s hand while watching

  3. Jenny

    That makes me happy.

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