But They’re Just So Pretty

So I moved into my house in July, and there are STILL boxes I haven’t unpacked. I know this happens to other people – whether they admit it or not. Guess I feel a little lazy, but I’m ok with it for the most part.

I’ve been doing things around the house little by little on the weekends. I’m protective of my time off. I take it easy, drinking in every second spent in my comfy little bed in my comfy little house. Now that I have a laptop it may be even more difficult to get me out from under the covers, as the entire world will be at my fingertips without leaving the room. I’ve mentioned the Taurean thing before, and for anyone who is or knows one, you realize that left to our own devices we could lounge in bed all day.

My sister (Piscean though she may be) told me recently that she and her husband “play John and Yoko” on the weekends, hardly ever leaving the bed. I thought this was the cutest image ever, once I got that scary Annie Leibowitz picture out of my brain.

It’s a damn good thing the boy and I have 9-5 jobs (ok, does anyone REALLY work 9-5? It’s 8:30-6 for me, and I feel cheated), ’cause his birthday falls under the same star sign and we might never get things done otherwise.

So anyway — housework. Right. I’ve been getting it done, just taking my sweet time. Rearrange furniture one weekend. Hang things up the next. This weekend, I finally got around to unpacking a box full of my perfume bottles, and realized I might just have more than anyone I know.

I’ve always thought the idea of having one “signature” scent was very romantic. It’s the whole Marilyn Monroe-type thing, how when a reporter asked her what she wore to bed at night, she replied “Chanel No. 5.”

It’s feminine and, to me, shows a sense of individuality and comfort in your own skin to sport one scent your whole life. At the moment I have about five “signature” scents. And several more I can’t throw away because I might start wearing them in the future.

I can’t throw them away. For one, they’re pretty. But even more than that, I love putting on a scent I haven’t worn for years and getting that sentimental deja vu sort of feeling that transports me back to high school or college or that time I worked at that little shop in town, etc. There is a serious tie between scent and memory.

I’ve always had a hard time committing to one thing that “represents” me – be it style, taste, ambitions, or what have you. That’s one of the reasons it took me seven years to get through college. I’m embarrassed by the number of majors I had over that span of time. For someone who likes to psycho-analyze and define herself so much, I sure do like the freedom to switch things around.

So I’m keeping my vanity full of perfume bottles. Practical? No. Extravagant? Possibly. But they sure do make the boudoir quite pretty. And that much harder to leave on the weekends.

(Artwork courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)



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2 responses to “But They’re Just So Pretty

  1. leigh

    jenny! i’m guilty of keeping things that aren’t pretty…hence the reason i have a junk room at my house that only i can go into and appreciate! 🙂

  2. i matter damnit

    it would scare me too if i pictured john all naked and holding on to you like that picture!!!


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