This post brought to you by the word BLAH.


I’m in a funk.

I want to be light and witty, and every thought is heavy. And un-witty.

The end of the work day is standing still. I’ve looked at the clock about four times in the last three minutes. QUIT LOOKING. It’s not going to help.

I hate days like this. And I need a theme for this post. So here are some other things that bug the ever-lovin’ crap out of me.

** I hate it when people use the phrase “She’s really blossomed in her new role.” It’s creepy. “Blossom” is a word used too often with pre-pubescent girls, and therefore makes me think of someone’s boobs getting bigger. Not to be used in a professional situation.

** I hate it when people can’t pronounce the word nuclear. Fun with phonics, people. There is no “u” after the “c.”

** There is no such phrase as “Alls I know is …”

** There is also no such drink, or WORD,  as “expresso.” I think this was some poor marketing sap’s ingenious idea that was carried way, way too far. “I’ll combine the word ‘espresso’ with the word ‘express.’ Sounds really fast! It would make a great name for a lipstick color!” Now people can’t tell the difference, at least not when pronouncing the real word. Sometimes marketing is evil.

** I hate it when people I don’t know shorten my name to Jen. I love it when friends and family call me this. It’s intimate in a way. But if I don’t know you, don’t try to get on my good side by calling me a familiar name. And yes, this applies to you even if your name is also Jenny.

** Along the same lines, I can’t stand it when people interject my name into the middle of sentences for no reason. “Well you see, Jenny, what we’re trying to do here is …, so in short, Jenny …” I can’t think of an example of using someone’s name while I’m in the middle of a conversation with them. Do you think I’m not paying attention?

** I hate it when people mis-use grammar. I could write a book on this, and the only thing that would serve to do is make me sound like a snob. But an ellipsis has three periods in it. The number doesn’t increase with dramatic effect……

** And I really, REALLY hate it when people don’t stop bitching about mundane stuff. These are people I end up avoiding phone calls from.



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One response to “This post brought to you by the word BLAH.

  1. anigo montoya

    the feeling your having is called PMS…….oops…

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