A Case of the Mondays

This morning promised to be the start of a very long, very busy day – the sort you hide from under the covers for entirely too long. The bus runs late, which delays my walk to the office, and results in a mound of paperwork on my desk to greet me when I arrive. What I really need is a strong cup of coffee – my knight in shining armor who comes to my rescue every morning around 9 a.m.

I reach into my bag for my wallet, only to discover – GRRRRRRRRR – I’ve left it sitting on my dining room table.

With a blaring headache (and truth be told, a not-so-peachy attitude) I wander through the office scrounging for change. I manage to round up about .85 – theoretically enough for a cup of Joe, but certainly not in Starbucks land. So I head around the corner to the Food Mart next to the train station. Caffeine is a priority here, and a soda will have to do.

**Only a coffee drinker could truly know the disappointment of settling for a cold, harsh, carbonated drink when one has her heart set on the warm, fuzzy feeling only a cup of coffee can provide.**

I walk out of the store gripping a Cherry Coke Zero (more interesting that a plain old Diet Coke), fearful of what chemicals I was about to mainline into my body all in the name of caffeine, when I step out onto the Plaza of the Decatur Square.

The weather is overcast, but just cool and breezy enough to make me really long for fall. All of the shops are beginning to open, and I stop and admire the new window display at Squash Blossom (by far my favorite shop of the bunch). A few business men – lucky bastards – are sipping coffee at a sidewalk cafe, and a team of moms and strollers are making their way toward Ponce de Leon.

I look around at my eclectic little town, and suddenly there is nowhere else I would rather be.

It’s going to be a good day.


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One response to “A Case of the Mondays

  1. Matt

    You are awesome and I love your blog. I’m buying you coffee to celebrate!

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